Continuing Learning Opportunities at St. Kate’s

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Explore Continuing Learning at St. Kate’s


Take a Graduate Theology Course for Continuing Learning for $100 a credit!

  • World Spiritualities (January, 2016) – 2 credits
  • Prayers and Practices in the Christian Tradition (Spring, 2016) – 1 credit
  • Educating for Life: Catechesis in Parish Communities (Spring, 2016) – 4 credits

Please view the attached flyers for more details about about these and other continuing learning opportunities.

Deepening Prayer Life with Christian Mystics

MAT Retreat 2016

World Spiritualities flyer

Prayers and Practices flyer

Educating for Life flyer

To learn more, visit St. Kate – MAT, or call Deborah Organ at 651-690-6721.